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*UPDATE* New rules regarding avatars - *READ ME*

Guys & Gals

As there has been a general concensus about what is an acceptable avatar and what is not, lately there have been numerous people continually trying to push the boundaries so the moderators have decided that there will now be rules and consequences regarding inappropriate avatars.

By inapropriate we are referring to anything of pornographic nature (porn is already not allowed on the forum), anything sexually provocative or suggestive, scantily clad females (and males for that matter), racist, any sexual cartoon/stick figures and anything else of this nature.

Most people understand what is and isn't acceptable.

This is a car forum and anything of the above nature is not appropriate. If people are so adamant about having these types of avatars, there are numerous other sites which this type of material can be viewed, and is NOT one of them. We will not tolerate people continually trying to flaunt the rules or push the boundaries. Many members view this site at work and have been accused of looking at porn on work computers when in fact they are avatars of people on this site. I don't think I need to further explain the issue.

We will be removing all current inappropriate avatars without warning. If you have an issue with us removing your avatar, and you relplace your avatar with the same or more inappropriate material, you will be banned, we don't care who you think you are. Nobody is above the rules here.

These are some simple rules to follow guys and gals and there is no need for a fuss to be made over something so simple.


The Moderators

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