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Originally Posted by -RUWET-
Waste of a good car?? isn't it just a lexus IS200 which are a dime a dousin? it's def beta then stock lol

Each to their own... I just reckon its kebab....

You should of read my post a bit better.... I was saying what you have already said

Originally Posted by EAT-30T

I was going to say waste of a good car but ..... its just an eastern suburbs taxi
Originally Posted by AYBABY
What does it matter if he likes it? (GETCUT's owner)

How many of you guys actually care what other ppl think of your car?

Spot on mate... I dont give a fuck... I just made a comment.... just like everyone is entitled to make... like the owner should care what I think.. .LOL

Originally Posted by ATMO_BT1
Hehe you'll come around one day, I bet you like your mate's EAT-30L... with bright metallic orange paint, outlandish bright leather trim and 20 inch chrome AMEs that thing is about as LDM as VLs get without having to go pink

No actually far from LDM in my opinion... it is tastefully done..

In my opinion (yes my opinion so you can take it or leave it) there is nothing wrong with custom trim, paint wheels etc when they are done tastefully... but outrageous pink purple paint..stupid wheel diameters.and ride heights.. nasty tempe tyres chromies are not what I call tasteful...

If you wanna pay out on EAT-30L you should take it up with the original owner/builder of the car... you tell him not me... I'm sure he'll be glad to hear your comments!
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