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HQ is adelaides biggest club.
Quality dance music , with a choice of dance music and dance music.
Drinks are pricey but as i said , its adelaides biggest club with the best looking/dressed (but a bit snobby) people. (So nor ferals)
Its cheaper entry b4 12 (i think $10 b4 12 and $15 after)
Deffinatly worth a look.
I go there myself regulary enough.

Havent been to Tonic for about a year but if your of ethicnic (greek/italian) decent and like RnB thats the club for you.
Thats Pretty classy as well (but its been a year so it could have changed)
Tonic is on the square next to hindly street.

If you want a good place to start the night and get pissed quick and pick up then you cant go past Church.
Free entry b4 12 and 2 for the price of 1 drinks from 12-1.
Club dies down after 1 and u gotta leave the place no latter than 3.
After 3 all the hot chick have been picked up and taken home and its a sea of c ock. But if your enjoying your night then no point leaving. (Most times i goto town involves going to church for the cheap drinks)
Church is a side street off rundle street.

Dont like London. Drunk w ankers trying to pick up my g/f. They say cheap drinks but i didnt think so. Good for buying shots and getting the colourful plastic shot glasses and accidently going home with them.

Red Square. Been there a few times. Pay entry and a bit rich for what you get. Good pick up joint. Its an RnB place. Heaps of africans and indians inside.
Worth cheaking if you want to pay entry.
Red is on hindley street.

Base ment is a hole. Its free entry and its the place u go walk in , buy a drink and walk out again. Basically a good drink stop place when traveling from church to hq.
Base is hindley street opposite red square.

Ive always liked Stag.
Its a pub that wants to be a club but its really small.
Its just nice and comfortable and its drink prices are decent and the chicks that go there are decent.
Stag's on the far end of rundel street on the corner.

As someone stages St Pauls is good. I went there late last year. They use the premisies for raves as well so have to cheak there not doing that there when ur down. (Unless you want to pay $50 entry).
More ravey kinda dance music. Only been there with g/f so cant say chick wise :P.
Thats harder to find cause its not on the main "Loop"

Basically if you stick to Hindley street and Rundle street you cant go wrong.
But there is Rundle mall between the 2 streets so its a bit of a walk.

Hindly is more the ruffer of the streets where Rundle is your cafe kinda area.

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