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Originally Posted by skoota
We will have to catch up when you get your car on the road! Are you far off finishing?
I havent touched it since you last asked me haha - I've been on too many Holidays this year

Well, while searching for the info I wanted, I found this instead:

Ring Nissan and see if they can order you a pinion drive p/n 32702-31G20

Heres a list of speedo drives to suit different diff gears.

32702-31G21 21 teeth (PURPLE) Ratio 4.375:1
32702-31G20 20 teeth (RED) Ratio 4.11:1
32702-33G19 19 teeth (WHITE ) Ratio 3.90:1
32702-31G18 18 teeth (BLUE) Ratio 3.70:1
32702-33G17 17 teeth (BLACK ) Ratio 3.545:1
32702-33G16 16 teeth (YELLOW) Ratio 3.364:1

The other info I've seen in the past involved machining the end of the VL speedo drive shaft to look the same as the R33 shaft once the circlip has been removed to get the red gear off.
Then you need to cut a grove in the other end of the drive housing as the gear is offset in the housing so its not too tight in the box.
These part numbers for the complete assembly including the required gears means no machining required.

Found some conflicting info, seeing as the VLT/Navara Speedo drive p/n is actually 32702-02G17 (I've bought and used of 2 these now - one of which is in your gearbox now, Scott)

If you ring Nissan, see what the first part number in my post is and then see what 32702-02G20 is...

I have a feeling the first PN's in this post are for 4x4 model Navara's and these are to suit the 2wd D21 Models, which have similar box to VLT/R33

32702-02G21 21 teeth (Purple) Ratio 4.375:1
32702-02G20 20 teeth (RED) Ratio 4.11:1
32702-02G19 19 teeth (WHITE ) Ratio 3.90:1
32702-02G17 17 teeth (BLACK ) Ratio 3.545:1 (VLT)

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