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V8 starting issues

Hello people.

maybe not just starting issues, a few other questions too

I have finally started working on my V8.

IT has been sitting for 10 years+

after trying to start it on sunday, the starting circuit now seems faulty, turn the key to start, brake warning light turns on, but engine won't turn over.
how can i bypass the inhibitor switch? what else to check?
it was winding over very well, and running off the fuel down the carby, but it just stopped, engine isn't ceased (can wide it over by hand)

and some questions

firstly, do these have a lift pump?

secondly, after losing 15 liters or so of BP Ultimate overnight (it appears that my tank leaks), V8 carby fuel tanks, they are different to EFI tank? what will fit in it? can you use an EFI tank and modify it?

Thirdly, how on earth do you remove the shifter?

BTW i realize how stupid it now seems as i dont have fuel running to it to actually start it, however, i just want it to start winding over again, then worry aobut the fuel tank
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