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Originally Posted by HTURBO View Post
Before anyone says two strokes are better has anyone ridden a 4 banger. The reason I didn't like the CR500 was because it felt like sh!t. The hole seat & weight thing was wrong and your saying a 250cc two stroke would beat a 450 race bike. M8 you must have stones in your head. lol. I haven't had any 2 stroke beat me yet.
Ive ridden plenty of 4 strokes, there great and stock vs stock i think they do have an edge especially in an average riders hands. The CR500 you rode is from the old breed its actually more like 15 years old in terms of frame/suspension etc. Have a read of this, its pretty much a shootout between your bike and your mates bike of which they all claim the 500 is faster and more explosive but with **** handling using 92 model frame/suspension: 08 CRF450 vs 01 CR500 shootout. The new Service Honda 500AF's however use the latest CRF250 frame/suspension etc but with a 500 2 stroke engine, they are an awesome machine.

Take a look at the AMA Championship list it was dominated by 250 2 strokes from the beginning all the way up till 2006 and that is when all the top guys stopped using 2 strokes and the teams switched to the new breed of 4 strokes because they're easier to ride reliably fast lap times with the power being much smoother and more predictable. James Stewart actually won a bunch of motos around 2006 on a KX250 against the other top guys who had switched to 450's before he made the jump as well. The 2 stroke 250's might take more skill to put down the same lap time but don't count them out in terms of sheer acceleration when setup properly. Wikipedia lists the 2001 CR250R as being regarded as the best 2 stroke MX bike of all time. I dont see how its so hard to believe its every bit as fast and faster than all the 450's I ride with considering its highly modified and has been dyno'd with correct AF's for where I live.

If you think your 450 can flog any 2 stroke 500 you're the one with rocks in ya head mate

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