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No he has a Honda CR500R 2002 model.

There's is a difference between your standard four-stroke & a four-stroke race bike. The CRF450R goes way harder than the CRF450X. It rev's out harder with more kilo wasps. I've had many two-strokes. But once I brought the CRF450R it was way more fun.
It's funny. Here's me powering up the hills in the bush & my mates on the two-strokes are spinning all the way with there legs trailing behind. lol
2010 CRF450R efi
CRF450R vs CR500R Allways there CRF450R would win of the start line but the CR500R had the top end & would win with the speed.
That's why in competition they went with the 4-strokes. Better response & quicker off the line.

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