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Originally Posted by EVL
that chick was psycho ay fully started laying into that guy then he elbowed her in the head :S
yeah then he started pickin a fight tellin her to get out the car and ****. WTF!

Originally Posted by EVL
btw steve what did they actually give you the yellow for in the end?? we were at the end of the line waiting to turn right, the cop was about 5 vl's behind you... heard you gun it then 2 seconds later the cruiser had his lights on and was fanging after you lol. it was funny watching all the other vl's sh.t themselves trying to get out of the way!
yeah the cop was actually 2 cars behind me and came up and knocked on mine and bekyboo(?)s window and said to pull over in the BP.
but then he gave it **** around the corner and cops went after him instead.
thats bs tho

Originally Posted by DasBlitz
and wagondan and corri got to see my new LSD in action
spewin did i just miss it?
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