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Originally Posted by trbo3ltr View Post
the place shouldnt matter mate, if she loves u as much as u love her, she will say yes to u.

some good suggestions would be

doesnt always have to be expensive, cus sumtimes girls dont like the food those posh places have. its to do with the location. but keep in mind, good location will somtimes mean pricey...
if u dont know wat she likes, u should be now, go to places and check out their menu and see wats to offer.

factor in the weather, its gettin in to winter, so outdoor places (unless they have heaters outdoor) might be a no no.

-plan ahead
if u decide to propose to her, and she says yes, congardulations, but have a plan for where to take her then. might it be to the city, or some nice hotel room, shangri-la is prob the best place on earth, expensive but god u will impress her trust me base room is about 407, plus 250 deposit, and there is wicked harbour views.

if all else fails, ring up mix 106.5 and talk to richard mercer lol

but seriosuly man all the best, good to see u askin us guys for help

haha lmfao richard mercer, seediest mother fcuker in the world some of those callers are down right ****ing depressing
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This car has had more hits than Mohammad Ali
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