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Originally Posted by Katsa View Post
custom sunroofs in maidstone are good.
Hes the only bloke that could help me out with my brock and didnt just try sell me his products or convince me to install another one.
Also top quality work but its on the other side of town.
Google them if your keen mate, his names peter and just tell him chris with the white vl brock sent you

Hey that sounds good bro, you sure its cool to use your name as a reference ?? I dont mind driving to the other side of town for qualtiy work at a reasonable price ?? Custom sunroofs " ? I just googled them and this is there contact details for anyone else thats interested. Custom Sunroofs Est. 1983 ... 110 Mitchell St Maidstone, VIC 3011. Tel: (03) 9318-4978. Fax: (03) 9318-6445. Email: I tried emailing them but it wouldnt work for some reason so ill give them a call this week and see what they can do for me. Thanks mate

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Originally Posted by THC View Post
its the Hollandia 700 , its a 3way roof and yes its a package they supply every thing (they also make the roof lining ect also to suit - its a drive in drive out price of $2000
if you check on the website theres heaps of photos of cars with them monaros-ve's -xr6t's ect ect
Hey mate doesnt sound to bad I was thinking maybe we get a few people to go along with it and get a good group discount, say 3cars or so ?? If ur full keen thats already 2 and we find someone else or a couple more ppl and organise it all ?? Better for us all. 2grand aint to bad, is there warranty and stuff included?
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