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How far away are we all...

From getting your cars back on the road and working ?

This QLD section is a ****ing bore lately so I though while I was wondering when we'll ever see some fun again from ct... I'd ask what the latest is with peoples ****ters... Andy ? Neno ? Is Neno still with us ? Grant, Scooter, Ollie, Luke, Dayle ? Azza, Ryan...that Anarchy dude... where the **** is everybody, I miss the old days where we didn't have 50 dorks with **** box non turbo's at a cruise. No offence to anybody...
And these bloody north qld'ers...they're taking over.

I say pull your fingers outta your asses poofters, there's gotta be a cruise during winter !!

Mine will be back up and running (for how long who knows... ) as of next weekend I'm quite confident...i.e 23/04...Just had the diff done.

So where are you all at...?
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