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wow i haven't updated for a while!

on a thursday night baysy mini meet my car was running a bit rough. it spat fire and blew the rear muffler open and then stopped. i tinkered and tinkered but the problem got progressively worse.

needing an exhaust and not having the car running at all, i got quotes from jamie @ JD customs in mornington and after gathering the money went ahead and got thge wagon trucked down to mornington.

2 weeks later the car had a new cas and a pretty much hand fab'd exhaust 3" from the dump back with a single muffler and a high flow cat. i went to pick up the car thursday nioght and didn't even get 500m down the street before the intermittent problem returned and the car conked. after a phone call jamie came and flat towed me back to his workshop (well actually i got it running, drove most of the way, pushed and rolled for a bit and then got towed.)

friday jamie did the afm / sparks / coil / and the power transister which is the plug next to the afm. apparently it was throweing codes left right and centre when he hooked it up to the ecu diagnostics.

so anyway more than happy with jamies work and i am off to shepparton tonight in the wagon to put some more highway km on the engine. catch ron!

p.s. i am now broke and further progress will be pretty minor for a whiule eg rear suspension / under car rubbers / detail
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