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Originally Posted by aus880
does the build sheet show FE2?

in my experience for some reason GMH often didn't put FE2 on the comp plate until late SII cars
really? i will check but i don't think so.
the car is definately not on fe2 suspension and its not plated. given the cars condition i also wouldn't believe that the suspension had been replaced at any time however the rear shocks have definately been changed, which suprised me. they are monroe gts.

the car is registered as discussed in the members section and i haven't had any issuees since. i even got epa'd it was a nice feeling when the policeman let me off saying that there was nothing on the car he could touch! i am proud to say it made it's first appearance at shepparton springnats number 16 and will make it's second appearance next weekend at the numurkah show us ya wheels. should be schmick. monday it will make the trip down to it's new home in melbourne so might be out on the streets before too long for a friday night kebab run.
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