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You schmucks talk the biggest load !! Here are my pics from EXCHASER CRUISE #6 - journey into the clouds. :mrgreen:

Note the bogan in the back giving the finger.

Mmmm.. v8

Kalamakids black vlt.

Brian's 5 speed vlt.

zigga's awesome calais turbo wagon.


David's schmick Bt1.

David's engine bay.

This car liked to get a little sideways :P

Mmm.. JVL87.

Heading up the mountain.

Nice frontmount !

Kalamakid's bonnet mural.

another shot of that awesome wagon.

I also picked up a vhs tonight with some footage on it from EC#5 with some sweet sidways action from Drifter69 and VLT87. will give it to Andy shortly so that he can upload some videos onto my webspace.

Keep it real homies !!
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