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Hey Everyone! Haven't been on for a while so here goes everything thats been done!

Car is currently stripped and has been semi rubbed back for a respray! Have decided to go from Kimberely Bronze To Maranello Red! Just couldn't resist the red haha! Engine will be coming out aswell, all bolt on's have been taken off and just waiting to get my mates crane to pull it out!

Also began smoothing and deleting items from my bay, taken out the radiator overflow as will be using a smaller alloy bottle next to the new radiator, Air Box is taken out as the car will be TURBOCHARGED! well after all the body work is done, fuse box is being relocated to glove box and battery is going into the boot, but contemplating whether all this is worth a defect! THinking of maybe just having a sleeper since not allowed any mods due to club reg! but can still turbo it!

Front windscreen rust has all been cleaned up, no more holes, now just need to finish the rear windscreen sill, just waiting on my welder friend to weld in a new sill and boot floor then its off to the booth to be repsrayed by myself! Going for a maranello red over Mx grey bars!

Also thinking of removing all my air conditioning compentnetns since it will tidy the bay up a bit, needs regas anyway so windows down should do the job!

Photos will be up soon!
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