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Decided i may as well begin fixing rust around the windows and as i'm broke i've decided to do it all myself! and not only cause i'm broke but you to get that feeling of satisfaction that you've done it your self! so i began to pull off my front window and ended up cracking it! so moved on to the back window! took me a while to remove the seals around the window! but finally got it off and didn't even crack the glass and used only a flat head and a blade and some pliers to remove the window! so after i took the window out it look fine until i saw the bottom sill! it had multiple holes and also had been eaten at on the edge! was going to weld it up but then decided may as well do it properly so I've decided to either get the rear window sill from rare spares for $182 or sus out someone wrecking a vl and try and find one without rust! Also have another two problems, first of all my tape deck wont work anymore after removing to install the antenna cable and some 4 inch speaker to replace stock! did turn on for a bout a second but then died out! and second problem is that how would i tune my afm as its been blowing a lot of smoke and may believe its running to rich! anyway here's some pictures of the rust!

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