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My 87 Vl Exec

Make / Model:
Colour: ****ty Brown
Engine Type: RB30E
Engine Mods: None
Power: Stock
Gearbox: ML4
Diff: Stock
Brakes: Font Disc, Rear Drum
Suspension: Stock
Wheels/Tyres: Not sure
Interior: Stock
Stereo: Original Tape Deck

Other Mods: None

Future mods: Mx7 Gearbox conversion, Rust repair, Respray, Rear Disc Brake Conversion.

Hi All!
Have recently brought my first vl well my first car and thought i'd stat a build thread! I brought the car from a P Plater and needed alot of work, rust repairs, interior, paint etc. (The usual with the vl's) but im not complaining hahah! Forgot to get some snaps of when i first got the car but here are some more recent pics with bumpers removed and rear end stripped!
Has No Paint on some parts of the roof!

The Heart <3

Theres some rust around the window doesnt seem to be too too bad can't see any holes but who knows what its like under the seals! any suggestions on a fix for this?

and since im running on a tight budget being 15 years old and working at McDonalds i picked up4 Black ceptors and recently painted them silver, not the best Job but will do for now

The boot of the car has major rust and by major its to another level! petrol tank is visible, got holes the size of a foot long in my boot and also have rust in my spare wheel well! was going to buy a new boot floor from rare spares for around the $200 mark. so found someone wrecking a vl and got a sweet deal on a boot floor and wheel well for $120 and just needs a clean!

My front and rear bumpers were also cracked really badly so brought used but good condition un cracked bumpers for 200 for both! (dont have any pictures!) and my rear tails were cracked and started there own garden in there! so brought vl berlina tail lights and centre garnish and look much better imo than exec tail lights!

Also had a really crap interior, seats were ripped, carpet was dirty to another level so decided i would clean the interior! picked up some front seats no holes or rips for $140 and shampooed and cleaned the interior! also found a calais cluster with 160,xxx kms on it so that also been installed! been trying to take my tape deck out since i want to put the antenna cable back in since its hanging out the side but so much work and dont want to damage it since im wanting to keep the car to as close to as stock as possible!

will post some pictures of the interior finished either tomorrow or the next day! now i've jusy begun remove door moulding which are a btch to take off already snapped one

any opinions on what to do next? wanting to do a manual conversion and convert the brakes to all disc! so just saving up some money for that and has anyone got a manual conversion kit in melbourne area?
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