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Hey isn't it true that gas has a higher octane rating then premium?

If thats the case you could get away with higher compression/forced induction and not worry about detonation soo much. I have also heared that EFI engines (new ones not old ones) with a loop can adjust due to this reason so you get almost the same amount of power out of gas as petrol.

Another thing, doesn't gas produce more heat then petrol? If so that would explain why dad had heat problems and ended up with a cracked head on his van. (The van is a carby job though not EFI)

I have heard that you can get gas to be as powerfull as fuel but it costs a lot of money in head work and compression has to be changed for a strait conversion. Duel conversion you loose quite a bit of power, from my experiance with the van quite a bit of power infact.

Cheers, Phil.
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