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Here with bells on!!!

I'm a new member as of late last year and have only recently made some posts in the last few months. I'm not on FaceBook as I have thought it ruins a lot of things (it does have good points) but not for me. I wish I searched this site years ago as it is full of excellent information and fantastic cars. I have had several earlier model commodores including an original VB SLE 308-with yella terra heads and with t400 auto with duco painted in a factory metallic gunmetal blue/grey colour. I also had a white 6cyl VK Calais lowered with polished VH SLE rims. My favourite Commodores were VL's so I sold all my other Commo's and saved for a VL and my first VL was a factory tuxedo black VL V8 Calais that I still have to this day. I have had several other VL's during that time - 1x Silver VL exec with colour coded bumpers and black around windows and tail lights and blue interior and 1x red VL exec with full replica calais silver painted on lower sections and black painted around windows and tail lights and with a beige interior. Before I got my learners permit (back in the late 1980's) I had a 2door LC torana as my first car and have had many torrys since then including several LJ's and 2x LX Hatchbacks - one 6cyl with bright metallic blue duco and centrline style wheels and other was v8 with full white colour coded body/bumpers in the SS look with bumper over riders and a set of dragway indy mags. To this day I still have a torry - LJ 2door yellow and black 6cyl GTR replica. It would be fair to say more people love the black VL calais than the torana but I'm not selling either of them. Long live the VL's and

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Here are just a few of the cars I've had

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I still have the Yellow Torana to this day

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