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This was my starting point for better and later in the future, bigger rear brakes..(I am a little obsessed with having the best brakes I can) After reading a article on turbo 202 site I saw that they were successfully selling on ebay for a fair bit, what I could make in a couple of hours with some basic tools eg. angle grinder, good stick welder and basic hand tools and using parts that I could easily source locally...I thought there must be more to it until one day I had a set of vr handbrake shoes installed on a standard loose backing plate I had with all it's springs installed and adjusted at its min like you would if it had new handbrake shoes. The actual shoes on the plate didn't have any friction material so they were bare metal where the pad material used to be and I had sourced some good secondhand shoes from a vx and to my amazement when I pushed with just my hands I could slip the vx shoes straight over the top and their contact point was nearly perfect with no daylight.So after getting their positioning exactly right, I tack welded them to each other in a few places.Then I disassembled it from the plate and final welded them in a sequence so they didnt distort and then cut the vx bracket so they were 2 shoes again. The shoes when assembled now would be positioned and work the same as if they were on a vx. After a bit of trial and error I perfected the new caliper mounting position on the backing plate and my setup was marginally better than the eBay one because it was stronger and has the brake pads contact exactly in the right position on the disc.... the 76 mm bolt pattern is a platform for any upgrade rear vt /y/x/z mod which there are quite a few options(hsv harrop brembo) then very least with different caliper brackets on stock vt calipers, 315 dia 18mm vent rears...even modify another stock backing plate to take the standard vt caliper that places the unit the 12mm further out to run the 315 18 mm disc.
Im stuck with 16inch wheels for the time being until the tyres wear out but I have some 18 inch ve ss rims ready and am currently experimenting with some hsv 343dia 32mm thick front rotors and ve front calipers and making my own front bracketry and then also braided lines all round

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Originally Posted by gold-vlt View Post
Is there a way that you can mod the backing plate to use the vt calipers but just use the standard vl handbrake shoes with the vt rotor? or would that require you to use a vl rotor?

If so could you just use the standard vl rotors with the vt caliper upgrade?
there is another option but it is more expensive and makes the disc a non off the shelf item to press a smaller vl style drum inside the vt disc and run standard shoes but it is easier and cheaper to do it this way.
The two model discs are quite different...... 11.5 solid rotors against 16mm ventilated ones so you couldnt just install the moded backing plate and use vt calipers and use your old disc and the slotted etc later vt style rear discs are quite reasonably priced.
The purpose behind this mod is so that you can use the wider VT-spec discs, which are vented - VL etc discs are solid.

Good write up, although I gotta say with all that effort you've still left non-braided brake hoses on!
Also handbrake is much more positive and will actually hold the car easily on a steep hill and lock the back wheels if you apply it while moving(if you really need to)

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