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Dear diary,

It's been sometime since my last entry.

Motor is now locked into place. Accessory drive kit installed picked this up brand new from GMPP for under 1k delivered including alternator, belt, tensioner, ps pump, brackets and air conditioning setup.

The kit is an american CTS-V style and doesn't fit quite as nicely as the commodore stuff (alternator clearance is super tight to chassis rail. All said and done though much cheaper, brand new gm parts and looks like it will do the job. The AC doesn't come close to fitting due to dipstick and rail clearance, I've seen relocation brackets that put it up near the drivers side head but still tossing up whether I want to bother running it at all.

I've also knocked up all the fuel system and tested it all for leaks. Ended up going 3/8 hard line and bent up similar to factory 5/16 steel. The rest of the setup consists of a walbro intank upgrade, nylon braided -6, under car surge, single 044 and a corvette style static pressure filter/regulator. This saves me running a return line which is good as I barely have room for the vapour line and the 3/8 around the headers.

Once i tested system for leaks (there were a few especially hard line 37 degree flare) I primed up the tanks, filled the motor up with oil and dummied up the wiring so I could make sure it was going to start once everything was in properly.

Straight off the headers & no coolant primed with oil and fuel here is the vid:


Next up I'm looking at coilovers for the front and adjustable rear suspension. To finish off I'm also looking at adjustable radius rod, few new bushes and maybe adjustable upper control arm if pinion angle is sad.

Wiring will also go in over the next few weeks then it's off to get an exhaust. Headers on drivers side are resting on the fuel and brake line so they'll need a bit of a heat and move job but nothing major then it's off for engineering!

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