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how goin guys... currently have reco'd a vn v8 k-frame and bolted that in. Now i'm ready to drop the motor and box in ( i have a t700), i was hoping som1 could tell me exactly which part of the floor needs to be knocked in to allow fitment of the gearbox. Is it the actual gear tunnel floor or the area up near the firewall where the bellhousing locates, and how far in do i actually knok away? i'm hoping to drop motor and box in the same time and save myself the hassel... any ideas... hopefully do the conversion this arvo or 2morrow.

another qn: if you use the conversion crossmember for a t5 in a vk, would that be the same for a vl? would that bolt up the same for a t700?

ive also used a vn v8 rack. so i'll let u guys know if i come across any problems

also the gearbox selector lever is on the opposite side (passengers) on the turbo700 as opposed to the vl jatco which is on the drivers side... how do i get around this problem... is there a linkage i need to make up?

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