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VL Sydney Scene CRUISE-July 3rd

Hey boys and girls
The meets have been going really well.. 20 cars first meet, 30 the next but only 25 car last time (it was too cold).
Each meet there have been new cars and other cars not showing up. If we can get everyone together we could easily have 50 VLs out to play.

People were nagging my to organise a cruise and whinging that it was too cold so decided to kill two birds.

The next meet would otherwise be on Tuesday July 5th, but it wont be on.. Please do not show up as no one will be there. Instead, there will be a cruise on Sunday July 3rd.


Meet: Harrys Cafe de Wheels Liverpool (same as always)

Time: 10:00am arrival. Leaving 11:00am SHARP

Destination: Sublime Point Lookout - Cruise Via. Heathcote Rd and Southern Freeway

Afterwards we'll head to the light house

From KKs, head down Orange Grove Road onto the Hume.
Veer left onto M5/Sydney/Airport (no toll)
Veer left off the M5 and right onto the HEATHCOTE Road exit (no toll)
Cruise down Heathcote, eventually turn right onto the Princess Highway
Continue onto Southern Freeway (signs for Helensburgh/Wollongong)
Exit onto Princes Hwy/State Route 60 and turn into Subime Point Lookout

Compilation video:

Jarrod - White and MX SL
Tic - Red SL
Obsesv - Silverslate Calais
BT1 Sydney
SLY-03T - Silver calais
Andy - Silver berlina forumla
SQU33C - Maroon Calais
DNTHA8 - Dark Blue HDT
Yellow VL - BT1
Simon - Maroon Calais
KAMBOZ - white Calais
RB25ET- Pink/purple Calais
ORG55M - Purple Calais
Brian - Blue SL, WARNDU
Mick - Dark purple calais, NUT05L
1BADVL - Red Calais
Matt - Gold calais
Russel - RB25/30 maroon exec
Drew - Blue VL Berlina
OHM-077 - Passionate Rose over Silver VL Calais
Nukz - PSI-30L
OVL 30L - Silver Calais

ledouche - White SL turbo
'87 SL VL Build Thread

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