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Top site,
my mate turbo'd his wagon, he drove it hard for a year and a half, stock boost, no cooler, stock fuel,turb,gbox,n/a lsd diff and it took everything he threw at it(but did go through 3 n/a clutches doin burnouts every time he drove).

no vlt cam,pistons and no decomp plate - and it didnt ping.
had heaps more power and torque than a stock VLT. He beat my r33 gts-t (stock - 186 flywheel kw, bout 300nm torque, weighs bout the same as a vl) easily. and my skyline had a bigger exhaust and cold air intake.

he then chucked a cooler, malpassi fuel reg and boost controller on it, and dynoed at 160rw kw @ 10psi.
After this the diff blew while doing a 3gear has a VLT diff which is minispooled.

Turbo'ing ur n/a heap of junk is a good idea if u want to go fast...(ill be chuckin a turb on my Vl wagon soon)
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