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Originally Posted by EAT-30T
Igz is just sh*tting him self..

There all coming to get you mate!
It doesn't phase me man.
If I was out there at the track trying to push it further, then different story, but I can't expect anything by not doing anything...

Originally Posted by YEP_boost
Saw it run on friday night, had one pass were it died on the line and was pushed off the track but all the rest I saw were mid to low 10's. I didnt see the 10.00 pass.

There is more to come from these things definately. There is a WA car in VIC atm thats already pushed 662 rwkw!
That W.A car that you've mentioned has sparked alot of controversy over that power figure.
If anyone can be bothered, have a long read here;

Originally Posted by VLMuzza

Hows ur XR6T going? always loved that car. raced it yet or?
Since I bought it off Adam, I've barely used it at all, let alone raced it.
Maybe someone beating the car's best E.T might inspire me...

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