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Not trying to put anyone off buying this just thought i'd post a list on what it needs done...
  • Diff needs a rebuild.. very noisy after 60k's
  • Power Steering Rack.. wolfeh_ has replacement in shed that needs to be fitted
  • Injector... #2 injector needs replacing.. leaks
  • Rust in front windscreen.. panel needs replacing
  • Rust in boot gutter... has silicon in it so will need a replacement section
  • Missing inside 1/4 window trim
  • Missing overdrive button
  • Burnt out power window button.. passenger cog jams but can get window up by hand
  • Dash is blue... wolfeh has a grey one in shed to go in
  • Wiring in engine bay needs a serious tidy up... earths going to strut tower etc
  • Hole cut out in body infront of airbox
  • Bumper has quite a few cracks
  • Windscreen cracked at bottom.. bloody truck drivers!
  • Tint is bubbled
  • Cruise control fitted but doesnt work
  • PVC pipe coming from bumper to engine bay but to nowhere

Good points..
Engine runs smooth as
Box shifts perfect... definately has shift kit but no stall
Seats/rooflining in good nick
No rust in rear window !!
Rego til September
Genuine BT1 turbo.. confirmed the plates

I've made an offer but wolfeh needs to think about it

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