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VT ventilated 16mm rear brake kit you can put on your vl solid rear axle

Ive just installed vt rear 289mm 16mm ventilated rotors on my vr solid rear axle that previously had the standard solid 289 11mm ones and you could do the same to any solid rear disc braked commodore borg warner or salsibury or even with a couple of extra parts from a disc braked vn /p/r/s you could find in any wreckers and the necessary rear axle bearings and seals installed on your axles, convert a drum braked one and it works well and it's a platform for higher end brakes too like brembo/harrop or hsv and use 315 or bigger mm discs
This is what I did...bought some good rear hand brake shoes and vt rear calipers secondhand
Got some old vn/p/r/s handbrake shoes and took all the friction material off them and found when assembled on the original backing plate their outside diameter was exactly the same as the inside diameter of the vt hand brake the vt handbrake shoes slipped over the I centred them on the vn/p/r/s shoes and welded them to each other in 6 places a side careful not to create too much heat and then cut them off when it was all welded so now they were 2 separate shoes like original.
Got the vr backing plate and slipped the end of a bolt through the original mounting hole welded one side the cut it off and welded the other side so now the original caliper mounting holes were gone and then redrilled 2 new holes 11.5mm drill size inboard at 76 mm centres, 4-5mm closer to the centre of the hub to fit the new vt calipers...found the standard vt caliper mounting bolts were a 12mm x 1.5 mm thread which happens to be the same thread as a wheel nut so I welded a wheelnut over each new hole , bevel side of the nut up and ran a 12 x 1.5 mm tap through the nut to tap out the thickness of metal of the backing plate.
Since I first did it I have had another idea to make the mounting of the caliper attaching nuts easiest and it does not need a tap by getting a longer wheelnut and by machining down the tapered end of the nut so a square shoulder is created that now goes through a clearance hole in the hub face and sits flush.Then bolt up intended caliper bracket in position and weld nuts to hub.
Next trim off the corners of the backing plate where the new caliper touched and everything now simply just bolts up and the handbrake works properly . Had to trim the dust shield a little where it made slight contact with the new caliper. I used longer attaching bolts on the calipers from the front of a vz to use more of the thread in the nut just to be on the safe side but the old ones would have been fine. This mod would have worked on any pre vt disc braked commodore salisbury or borg warner. Line adapters are needed if your car is vp series one or older so your original solid lines on your diff work on the vt style flexible lines if you choose to go that way.

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