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Originally Posted by Turismo View Post
I see what ur getting at man but its not worth it at the moment as I'm saving for a house.
The car has rust that's in it's infant stages.
To address the body properly I would be looking at new panels, cutting and welding and a full re-spray.. Over 10,000 easy (karratha)

In other words I could buy a show car for the cost of reapers and the price I payed for the car.

I'm just happy to have something to muck around on ATM. Paint n stuff can come further done down the track if need be but ATM it's just for fun.

Ill paint my repairs but that's it. The rest of the car can be polished and waxed.

Happy that the engines in such good condition and has a turbo 5speed.

Will dost up more pics soon.
If your going to use spray cans atleast get your paint color coded into a pressure pack. That way it wont look odd, but in saying that. If your happy, im happy for you.
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