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Time for a small update.

Power Steering lines are sorted for now. Had to replace the high pressure hose as it seems it ended up with a bend in it just as it went into the rack. Sealed ok for a bit, but after 100kms of driving it let go. Had an awful mess under the car with the entire p/s system dumping straight down onto the exhaust and being blown backwards.

So that's all fixed up. It's been street tuned and is fine to drive around. Tuner will touch up the top end on the Dyno at a later stage.

It's all been about running it in for the first 500kms. Ended up getting 197kms out of the first tank of 80L of e85... wow...
However, considering alot of that was tuning at idle and without the car moving doesn't seem too bad.

The next 310kms took 80L of e85, so running at about 25L/100kms.

Sorted a few things out for engineering - Park/Neutral safety switch, reverse lights - all of which was a breeze with the Dakota Digital sensor for the shifter. Also needed a cover for the fuel lines (boring!) in the boot, and external filler. Got this all sorted and got the car mod plated and complied! yay!

No new pics - will get some on Sunday when i'll have it out at the QSC Cruise4Charity.
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