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Quick update - will post photo's later.

Spent most nights till Midnight and then last night until 3:30am in the morning getting everything finalised including removing the whole wiring loom, redoing/resorting alot of the wires and ensuring everything is soldered and wrapped the loom.

Had an issue with a fitting for the temp sender for the temp gauge, but sorted that out at 8am this morning just in time for the car to be tuned today at 9am.

Tuning went well until I found a hole in the radiator. A few calls and had the radiator replaced within an hour including going to get the radiator.

Tuning resumed and got the car to a point where it starts & idles fine. Revs great. and was time to go for a drive and log some data.

All I can say is **** me.. the car is so responsive and i've only used 1/3 - 1/2 throttle.

Big issue though - the tailshaft hits the floorpan pretty bad, so its game over until I get that sorted. A lower temp thermostat wouldn't go astray either.

So the QLD St Commodore C4C is not on the cards for the car... I am so devo'd! but prefer to get stuff sorted rather than risk damaging stuff.
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