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VLC project

Model: VL calais series2.. white over silver with electric sunroof
Year: 1987
Engine: was n/a but converted to turbo
Gearbox: n/a auto with shiftkit, handles the power fine at the moment, hopefully will change to a built auto or a 5 speed conversion when the auto breaks
Exhaust: 3in dump into pacemaker front pipe and 3in from there back including hi-flow cat and 2 mufflers
Wheels: rolls on polished calais wheels but have the 18in koya's that came with it in the shed
Mods: n/a convert to turbo with stock T3 but with nistune ecu and 550cc siemans inj's and 11psi... has front mount and afm in the piping
Future:resprayed sometime in the near future and the plans are to freshen up my A8 turbo motor i have... also fitted gold series dba front rotors with bendix pads and turbo calipers

so i thought i would finally put this up here after owning it for over 2 years now... came into our possession missing a few things-no fuel tank or pumps, no rad and fan+fan shroud and the engine was unbolted ready for removal.. but as u will see in the first pics it looked complete misus the grill

the car had been started for years and first thing was to get a tank and pumps... as i was in no rush for starters it took a while for it happen(close to 6 months) once i got them and fitted them i started to actually wanna work on it... got everything hooked up on the fuel side and after sorting out the fuel lines at the front it start straight away...

after playin around with it for the next 12 months when time n money was avail i did the rust work(front n rear screens, with new screen fitted at front) put a pioneer headunit in it with a new electric aerial.. also cant forget my cobalt series boost, oil and water gauges for the inside..

at easter last year a mate gave me a hand to do the turbo conversion,took best part of 3 days and i wasnt rushing it, everything went well and in the end it started first go and ran great. pic of it after the conversino was done

stayed like this til it was rego'd in june and i put the cooler kit on the following weekend... fitted a sard fuel reg and put a few proflow fitting in the engine bay, fitted a catch can and fitting on the rocker cover...

here is a pic of the bay as it sits now, cooler pipes are gettin powder coated in a few weeks and thats about it for now.... time to enojy it and take it out when i can..

and a pic of it on the polished calais wheels

will update this when i think of things i have missed...

enjoy and let me know what u think

No more VL's for me.. ok just one more
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