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Car Business Recommendations

Hey just want to start a hopefully permanent thread that is similar to this I found except for Commodores not soarers.
Thinking that it's a good idea how it will all help us to improve who we can and can't go see in Adelaide for best prices, always in stock, friendly service, etc for our cars. We don't want to be another Shaun Luckhurst(see link) paying more than he should have or Tom Burgan finding someone in the workshop thrashed his car. I checked with the rules of the site and as long as we don't abuse the work shops involved it's fine e.g this f n coke smoker ripped me off biggest pricks ever. If we get a group of hits where people recommend, then we know thats a good business in Adelaide. If we keep it on topic this should be excellent....
Is this thread a good idea?

Anywayz I'd like to recommend Stream Line exhausts because the prices are fair and does a excellent job everytime. Also one of my two fav secondhand dealers Just Commodore spares? on Nth East Rd near Holden Hill cop shop good prices compared to most. Haven't found anyone too bad as of yet.
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