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Well seeing as I'm bored at uni, figured i should update

Car hasn't had much done over the last few weeks. Got timing sorted by the workshop, one last problem is that i need another new gasket between the plenum and the head as i have a serious air leak from there causing the lumpiness and lack of power.
Can anyone tell me the name of this gasket so i can order one?

Began to make my gauge install in the sunglasses holder. I'm buying some aftermarket material identical to my interior calais material so it should look neat and the colour should match.

Need opinions on what gauges, mostly for looks but i need them to actually serve a purpose. I have a voltgauge and im considering water temp and one more but i dunno whats easy to install?

Also got a few packs of blue LED's so the dash can be finished off (currently half blue half green haha)

Throttle body is starting to get polished up too. But once this gasket is done i want to keep the bonnet shut and make it look nice cos its an ugly POS at the moment

3 months till i get my license back too
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