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well few little things that i have been tinkering with

got some blue LED parkers....

Began modifying the sunvisor, it is off a VS and is about 50mm too long, so needed to trim it and then paint it and fit it all up

The rear license plate light blew up, so replaced it with one from a VZ, had to modify rear bumper a little

and finally, the rear garnish i refurbished. looks amazing in person. Have 2 more to refurbish and then sell

Car is ging to the mechanics tomorrow to get timing sorted after the head went back on and to give it a nice tune. Very excited about getting it running properly

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the blue license plate light seemed a bit illegal to me. So i have ordered some white lights to replace it. should look alot nicer and less attractive to the cops

Car also booked in at the local garage for a final tune up on thursday so cant wait till then
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