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Originally Posted by sherman89 View Post
Thanks, i am very happy with how the car turned out.

Keas built glide, tce converter.

cp pistons/spool rods, jpc inlet, 6boost exh, precision 7175 (the 'mid' frame version not the big one). Curently the head is basically stock, just has better springs and a tighe 966.

Having abit of a break at the moment cause i have put so much time into the car the last 6 months but once i am ready i plan to build a good head. On 27psi at the moment, plan on running alot more once i have a good head and some more driving time!

Yeah im not into the build thread thing, the people who know me see the car enough through the build to not need internet updates Thanks for the kind words!
What about the people that don't know you that want to see, sounds like a beast..I want to see PSI06's car aswell..
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