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Ok.. How about we start a new list.... or "lists"... I'll make new threads and stick them.

List #1. Open VL Times.
- Any VL. Registered or not. RB30 or not. Anything goes aslong as it's a VL.

List #2. Registered VL Times.
- Any VL. Must be Street Registered (Full Rego) at the time of running the number. Regardless of Engine - RB30 or not.

List #3. Street RB30 VL Times.
- Must be VL. Must be Registered (Full Rego) at the time of running the number. Must be RB30 bottom end. Top end is open.

Rules for all 3 Lists.
- Car must be a VL
- Time Slip must be posted
- Run must be done in QLD (ie, at Willowbank)
- Car must be a QLD car (with QLD Rego if registered)
- Details of Rego Status, Fuel, Engine, Turbo/SC/NOS - must be given as a minimum (eg, Registered / RB30 / Turbo / Pump). Feel free to add other details such as tyres, trans, boost, etc.
- Once details of above posted in thread - a mod will update the list, and remove the post. Discussions can be had in a discussions thread that will be setup for all 3 lists.

Any input? Discussions? Feedback? Hows the Rules? Can everyone get along with this?
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