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Good to hear I am not the only one with this problem.

There is actually a service bulletin about this which resulted in changes to the breathers. I don't have a copy or know the details but I think what happened was the later build #s were supposed to have a link from the left hand to the right hand breathers and perhaps the opposing vaccuum from the plenum and the t/body was sufficient to minimise any oil leakage.

I am at work so I can't go and have a look at the car but did you guys find that the driver's side breather causes much oil to go into the plenum? I guess the oil through the second throttle body is more obvious.

In order to clean out the plenum chamber etc is it possible to do just by removing the throttle bodies or should the plenum cover come off? Is it okay to use degreaser in there?

Do you have any specific recommendations for an oil catch can? eg baffled or baffle-less. What about the units with an air filter on the top? How much oil generally collects in the catch can because it looks like a fair bit ends up in the second throttle body/airbox.

I am considering trying to mount it up high so that the oil drains back via the pcv breather (mine has no pcv in it, I am not sure if this is standard?) back into the rocker cover. Either that or maybe using a mushroom shaped mini-catch-can directly into the rocker port with the same goal in mind.

Stretch Walky referred to a return line in one of these postings. Where were you suggesting that the return line should be plumbed? via the dipstick or something? I would have thought the self-draining arrangement would be easier but maybe it won't work.

If anyone has any suggestions of what they have done or pics that'd be great.

Thanks a lot!
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