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Originally Posted by NZMike View Post
Also if you are going to convert back to na later i'm assuming you are going to be keeping the n/a exhaust as well then? don't think the n/a will like the 3inch very much.
Thats a very good point lol, might just have to run it quietly on standard boost and try not to mince my diff and gearbox.

Originally Posted by NZ_GTS View Post
That does seem pretty steep. My exhaust is pretty quiet (it's what I wanted), 2.5 inch all the way. Engine came with the dump pipe, so just got the exhaust made up from there. Sometimes I wish the exhaust was louder, but I do a lot of long distance trips, so I think its probably just right. From memory I paid around the $800 mark.
You'll need two driveshaft loops, and you shouldn't really pay any more than $60 each for them. You need to modify them quite a bit to fit the VL, especially the front one. I think i cam up with a fairly good solution, I can dig out a pic for ya if you want.
That would be awesome if you could find a pic of what you needed to do, would make my life that bit easier !

Today I picked up new 290mm rotors, new wheel bearings and performance brake pads then as I was fitting them found out that my NA calipers cant fit the 290mm rotors under them haha. So i bought some V8/turbo calipers and should hopefully arrive through the week, I'll be picking up some seal kits and will be re-kitting them as well before use

Has anyone had problems with their ignition switch before with VLs? ive had mine apart twice and it fixes itself for a bit but then starts to not start every now and then, thinking maybe its a common fault?
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