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Originally Posted by NZBerlina View Post
I rang magoo and the guy there reckoned it will be between 850-1200 for a full 3inch depending on what resonators i want to run, sounds a bit steep to me. What do you guys think?
He also said I can buy drive shaft loops from jap race and then just fit them.
Exhaust go for just a single highflow muffler. My exhaust is 2.5inch from dump to a 3inch highflow with just a 3inch out the back. The previous owner couldn't afford a full 3 inch all the way and it already had a 2.5 full on it before hand. Going to get my uncle to finish it off as well as sort out intercooler piping.
Aaron (NZ_BT1) has like 3 all the way to a massive cannon muffler at the end. I'm sure he will be willing to show it off for you. My setup is a lot less in your face though :-P

As for price i'm pretty sure on my old vl magoo quoted me like $500 just to remove the rear muffler and put on a dump tip. That's my only experience with magoo. Shop around might be able to get something made up cheaper.

Also if you are going to convert back to na later i'm assuming you are going to be keeping the n/a exhaust as well then? don't think the n/a will like the 3inch very much.
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