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Berlina turbo project

Hey Im Alex, I have a 1988 RB30E Berlina which I have a few plans for.
Have owned it now for roughly a year and just recently bought a turbo set up for it.

So far I've put interceptors on it, super low springs all round and put disc brakes on the rear.
Future plans are to put on the turbo set up and get it certified, once certified I'll probably take it off and run it NA again till I'm able to afford new 7.8:1 pistons and do it all properly.
I also plan to change out the auto and get a 25det gearbox as well as getting a 28 spline lsd (not that their easy to find), although I do still have a VN diff laying around but Ive read they are wider than the standard VL diffs and wont fit?

Anyway here it is when i first bought it.

And heres the turbo i bought, is a garret t25

Just a bit confused about the oil lines, one loops around and both lines have running nuts on the end of the bundi tube, what are these ment to connect to?
And does anyone know how readily available oil drain fittings are for this turbo?

Thanks guys,
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