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Hey guys, up until yesterday the vl was idling and runnign mint, replaced 2 broken manifold studs today and when wiring the dizzy back up i hooked it up clockwise instead of anti clockwise and tried starting it several times, realising what i had done wrong i swapped it back and it started then stalled while idling, then it wouldnt start at all, and now its starting every now and then and if i leave it to idle itll run for maybe 30 seconds then just die like its getting no fuel, if i give it some juice when it actiually manages to start it splutters or pulses or sometimes just dies occasionally it wont pulses or splutter but instead makes a sound like its missing, you can hear a murmer from the exhaust when its idling gets louder just before it dies.

I have done a diagnostics test which returned 21 (ignition system) if that helps... What's wrong??

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My afm is giving just .02 volts on the 3rd wire... is my ecu stuffed?
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