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Originally Posted by Spool-Up
If 2 cars pull up at the lights, one being a 600kw vl turbo will immaculate paint and body work, and the other being a stock xr6t, guess what, 99% would pick the xr6t as the best car. Of course the vl would be more fun to drive, but thats only one aspect of a cars overall worth.
Are u for real ?? I get more looks than most new cars. Definatly a stock XR6T
From the outside there pretty boring looking. So are VLCTs in standard trim but a calais with a mega cooler, guages, candy paint slammed etc be the lesser of 2 cars ?? mmm
We done quite a few of these at HPF. I remember fitting the de-fillipo exhaust to a few. Great product off the shelf !! Some of them are really fast. Some of them are just crap to We done a kit, stage 3, was rods pistons, plenum, injectors, valve springs + tune. Around about the 370 - 400 rwkw. Mind you $30k !!
was a little bit more involved but you get the point.
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