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heres a nice example of a beefed up 4.0ltr turbo

as well as great KW output dont forget the massive torque these things can produce, in stock form a typhoon churns out 550NM of twist as opposed to the 5.4 boss' 520NM. I'd much rather an XR6T over a VL turb the VL's are quick but obviously have the light weight advantage over the Ford. Ford might have a 4.0l but have a hefty 1750 odd Kg to overcome. Plus as mentioned they make great torque which i love. BTW out of interest anyone know what the quickest VL turbo was in say 1992? Reason I ask is people are getting 9's out of the XR6t and that about 6 years old now, wonder how quick they will get in a few years time
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