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try this. i came accross a VL V8 wagon diff. 4.11 gears.non lsd.disc brake.25 spline. I told the guy theres no way that is a v8 diff and he said"its the 2nd V8 wagon hes wrecked and they both had as above"weird i thought only 2.0 manual's had 4.11 and whats with the 25 spline? i was pissed off i had bought the diff nearly but no thanks.he went on to say his old man works at holden dealership and he couldn't find any record of VL V8 having 4.11 gears, to many things didnt add up but strange how 2 random diff were exactly the same.
correction the XA XB also had BW 78 diffs so do valiant some with lsd
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