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Who needs an alarm? lol

Today ladies and gentlmen, i absolutely SHAT myself. After gym, noticed a nice black monaro gts, went over to take a look, and as i peered in the front passenger window, i realised i was staring into menacing eyes of the devil himself. An american pittbull terrior. just as i realised what i was lookin at, the fucn thing went mental at me lol took a snap at me, not realising the window was in the friggen way, now coz he lunged at me, he cracked the frickin window! i jumped back after feeling a turtle head in my pants, and he came at me again, breaking the windo more, i stood up and bolted for my ass. feel bad for the owner of the car, but at least he's sure no one is stealing his car. i love pitties, always have. ive had a German shephard for 12 years that i love like a familly member, but my next dog is definatelly a pitty.
anyone got one? upload piks of it, im sure everyone wants to see. and if anyone got any pure bloodline pups for sale, let me know.
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