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The only V8 VL I remember seeing go down the strip was 2 years ago, a Gold/champagne Injected 5L Calais with a T56 behind it, from memory did around a mid-14, not bad for a bog standard Inj 5L (I think the 6-speed helped and not sure if the car was originally 3 Litre with 3.45 diff or whether it had a 3.08 V8 diff in it).

I haven't seen that car since - does anyone know where it is? Gold/champagne (same colour as ATEMPT VL Calais Turbo), Inj 5L Calais with T56, had a turtle-shell engine cover same colour as car. I saw it on TM soon after that race but haven't seen or heard of it since. Was in Waikato I think.
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