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Originally Posted by BAS
I think thats voiding the topic. It was asked if 260kw's was achievable. The answer is simply yes.

No he wont need injectors.

No he wont loose power if done right.

His vehicle will be more likely to pass EPA requirements than if it had Petrol mods, ie, ECU etc etc

Pro's and Cons

Con red sticker on number plate.
Con No sub box in boot if large gas tank required.

Pro EPA friendly.

The comment regarding energy in LPG vs Petrol, Butter has more stored energy than dynamite, but it how you extact it. If you built a gas car set up for petrol it will never run to it's full potential.

ahh...... well thats about all my questions answered

thanks for all your help guys, i might look into costs now and see if it would be worth doing the conversion
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