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Car accident who's at fault

So here's the story... It was 4am on the way to work merging on the ring road this douche just wouldn't let me in sat beside me the entire 150m of the merging lane. I sped up to get in front of him so I could merge on the freeway he still didn't budge like any normal reason would move over to let you in and being 4am there were no other cars on the road. I was a car length in front of him and decided to move over, I'm towing a trailer and as I've merged he still didn't move, I've had my indicator on for at least 10 seconds. As I've merged he's clipped the rear end of my trailer. Got out accessed damage he was a miserable old man who had nothing better to do. Now the damage is apparently $2500 must be an expensive bumper bar for $2500 and he's trying to sue me. Yes I was at fault because I was merging into his lane but if taking this to court surely morally I am right as I was over a car length in front of him?!
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