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2 strokes are going to be around for a while yet mate, the new KTM 300's are an awesome bike and are selling well all over the world. If you actually took the time to throw a leg over a Service Honda 500AF you'd be singing a different tune I think.

Just the same as there will always be turbo 6's and people who love them even though they don't race V8 supercars anymore. Is a V8 superior to a Turbo 6 because it makes more low down power and can deliver it smoother? Maybe to some people, but to others the feeling of a turbo hitting boost is what they enjoy. All im saying is don't be close minded and think four strokes are the only thing worth riding... a screaming 2 stroke 500AF is something to be respected regardless of preference! The thread might be about 4 strokes but that doesn't mean you can bash 2 strokes freely and not expect anyone to defend them


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