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An Rb25 head? on a RB20 bottom end?

Unlikely as the valves 'DO' smash in to the side of the bore as they open. :P

If it really were a 25t head that gt3076 would be making 270-280rwkw on 18psi or as with my 25 on head on the 30 bottom once i dropped cams in it 300rwkw (400rwhp) with 17psi.

Mine makes all its boost by 2800rpm, boost build is linear off idle and rev's clean through to its 7300rpm cut.
200rwkw (300rwhp) at 3500rpm, 256rwkw at 4000rpm so its got some ripping mid range.

I'd always prefer to grab a set of injectors, fmic, turbo exhaust manifold, cheap ecu and turbo the RB30E NA over the rb20 poo. :P

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